With Feasibility Study Completed, ICC Begins Construction of Danish Facility

Breaking with the traditionally-strict policies of the Scandinavian region on January 1, 2018, Denmark legalized medical cannabis through a unanimous vote by parliament, and Denmark is now poised to become one of Europe’s top producers of medical-grade cannabis.

International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD, OTC: KNHBF) has already built an impressive European footprint, and plans to further expand its Danish presence with the construction of a 150,000 square foot GACP/EU-GMP certified Greenfield cultivation, processing and manufacturing facility, situated on a 100-acre land parcel in Møldrup, Denmark.

Denmark an Ideal Hub

Aside from the considerable support the Danish government has given to the cannabis industry, the country is attractive to producers because of its access to skilled manufacturing and agricultural labour, especially its plant breeding and genetics expertise, an ample supply of inexpensive, increasingly-clean power, and no cap or quotas on medical cannabis production. The country also has a well-financed healthcare system that is cannabis-friendly and an established pharmacy network for distribution.

Its proximity to larger import-based markets such as Germany and the broader EU makes it an excellent entry point into the European market. With a population twice the size of the US and Canada combined, and a cannabis industry still in its infancy compared to North America’s, currently experiencing supply shortages, Europe offers an enormous opportunity.

Expanding Capacity

The company engaged a leading Denmark based international pharma engineering firm to perform a comprehensive feasibility study on the Danish facility, which found that once fully operational, it should achieve annualized production capabilities of around 20,000 kg. of artisanal grown, ultra-premium dried cannabis flower for sale into high-value medical markets.

Leveraging proprietary design and build IP, as well as its proven cultivation methodologies, ICC seeks to optimize each square foot, and achieve further efficiencies by way of customized process design and building systems. Capacity simulation scenarios will further refine cost estimations while optimizing production, processing, manufacturing, and distribution work flows.

ICC CEO David Shpilt said, “Through highly coveted and stabilized genetics, state of the art building control systems to achieve pharmaceutical standardization of medical cannabis, and a proprietary Quality Management System, ICC’s Danish production facility will yield the finest cannabis products to meet the demands of educated, sophisticated and quality-driven consumers.”

The standalone, single level 150,000 square foot facility will be constructed in four portioned blocks, leveraging modular designs that are intended to streamline future expansion.

The cultivation block will include 56,250 sq. ft. of net flower canopy designed for five annual harvests, as well as 55,00 sq. ft. of dedicated production space including 20,400 sq. ft. of processing infrastructure with additional packaging and distribution capabilities.

20,000 sq. ft. will be set aside for administration office, gowning and utilities, a GMP-compliant waste disposal area, segregated GDP loading bays, proprietary building management, facility monitoring, and quality management systems, and apportioned GACP and EU-GMP areas, including air locked access corridors.

Shplit added, “The completion of our 150,000 Danish Facility on time and within budget, will signal to the marketplace that ICC has established yet another flagship cultivation and manufacturing hub; enabling the distribution of high-margin products into high-value European patient populations with drastically shorter lead times. Through astute engineering and planning, our industry leading facility will be constructed in independent purpose-built blocks, supporting expansion of capacity and new functions while maintaining full operational capabilities.”

Maximizing Yields

In order to optimize plant performance to achieve greater yields, ICC will leverage numerous plant physiology and cultivation concepts developed through its five years of commercial cultivation experience in Canada, such as proprietary soil, nutrient, and plant health monitoring, consistent primary, secondary, and micro nutrient delivery, the manipulation of conditions driving plant health & yield, and the creation of crops with increased pest/disease resistance.

International Cannabis also plans to pursue the outdoor cultivation of high quality, low cost field crops on 45 acres of farmable land, as soil sampling of the Danish land package has indicated ideal soil composition and health. With increased organic matter levels as a result of implementing its outdoor agricultural program, ICC is forecasted to yield 81,000 kg dried cannabis in the 2020 harvest season from its of auto-flower and photoperiod cannabis crops.

These developments are only one chapter in the evolving ICC story. The company, through its subsidiaries, has agreements in place for European-based pharmaceutical distribution, wholesale importation, and research and development, as well as licenses to cultivate, produce, distribute, store and export cannabis, cannabis derivatives and industrial hemp in  Poland, Greece, Portugal, Colombia, South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

With an established presence on five continents, 110 clients representing roughly 3500 pharmacies in 16 countries, five licenses for cultivation on three continents and access to over 850 acres of premium hemp crops (estimated to produce up to 6800 tons of biomass for CBD extraction), International Cannabis is well on it way to creating the first truly global cannabis supply chain.

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