Cannabis investors had already been shifting from “unproven potential” to “profitability” over the past several quarters prior to the global health crisis. With the COVID-19 outbreak, investors have fled previous investments to profitable companies that aren’t reliant on costly or dilutive funding to sustain their operations.

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. (CSE: THC) recently recorded its second consecutive quarter of profitability along with more than $1 million in revenue. This represents profits of $88,191 for the three months ended January 31, 2020. Investors looking for exposure to the cannabis industry may want to take a closer look at the stock as an alternative to companies with high cash burn rates and losses in operations.

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Growing Revenue & Outlook

THC BioMed generated more than $1 million in revenue during the first two quarters of fiscal year 2020 with an average selling price of $4.20 per gram to medical patients and recreational buyers, including the Ontario Cannabis Store and BCcannabisonline. During the second quarter alone, revenue rose 163% year-over-year to $1,246,625.

“Over the last year, we have completed and started using new grow rooms to increase our output,” said President & CEO John Miller. “Our focus on high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis at reasonable prices has made our cannabis a best seller.”

The company achieved several key operational milestones over the past six months:

Sales of THC Kiss began on April 10, 2020. The cannabis beverage can be purchased by THC BioMed’s medical patients via the company’s online store.
Pure Cannabis Sticks — or filtered, paper cylinder pre-rolls — went into automated production.
A new three-year lease was signed for a property adjacent to the company’s production facility, which will be used to free up space for more production.
Its Cannabis Act license was amended to include the production and sale of cannabis edibles, topicals and extracts, opening the door to new markets.

Management believes that these operational milestones pave the way for revenue growth over the coming quarters. In particular, the launch of Cannabis 3.0 products will expand the company’s addressable market, while the production efficiencies offered by Pure Cannabis Sticks boost bottom line performance.

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Sustainable Profitability

THC BioMed reported net income of $88,191, gross profit before fair value adjustments of $759,959, and adjusted EBITDA of $131,549 during the second quarter, representing its second consecutive quarter of profitability—a rarity among licensed producers that have historically experienced a high cash burn rate.

Second quarter net income was lower than the $688,925 reported during the first quarter on the surface, but gross profit before fair value adjustments and adjusted EBITDA were higher than first quarter levels of $295,480 and $890, respectively. These figures suggest that the actual bottom line performance has improved quarter over quarter.

“We are proud to have achieved our second consecutive profitable quarter,” added Mr. Miller. “Our financial statements for Q2 2020 reflect the improvements we have realized in all key indicators of economic progress.”

It’s worth noting that the average price of $4.20 per gram is lower than the average prices reported for other licensed producers, which makes the profitability even more significant, as margins are lower than the competition. If industry average prices trend lower, the company doesn’t have to cut its prices in order to remain competitive.

Looking Ahead

THC BioMed Intl Ltd. (CSE: THC) is one of the few profitable licensed producers in the industry, giving them an edge over other companies that are reliant on potentially dilutive future fundraising to stay alive.

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