Forget October: Here’s the Right Marijuana Move for Investors Now

Dan Caplinger, The Motley Fool Investing booms often lead to busts, and for recent investors in marijuana stocks, October felt like a rude awakening. Even though investors had looked forward to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, a big plunge in the broader market brought about a downturn that sent key […]

The Stock That Can’t Stay Out of the News

Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY), the stock that investors and speculators can’t seem to get enough of right now, was reported as being worth more on paper than some of Canada’s leading established retail conglomerates such as Canadian Tire and Loblaw Companies Ltd.   To put this in perspective, a company that sold […]

Marijuana Stocks: Short-Seller Citron Research Puts Tilray Stock In Cross Hairs

BILL PETERS – Investor’s Business Daily, 9/04/2018 Days after casting doubt on Canadian marijuana producer Cronos Group (CRON), short-seller Citron Research is now betting that rival Tilray (TLRY) is destined to fall. But Tilray stock, Cronos stock and Canopy Growth (CGC) all rallied Tuesday. Citron, in a tweet on Tuesday, […]