CannTrust strives to be a leader in the cannabis industry with a 450,000 square foot facility in Niagara, ON.

450,000 sqft. Greenhouse Facility

CannTrust is a federally regulated licensed producer, who brings more than 40 years of pharmacy and healthcare experience to the Medical Cannabis industry. At CannTrust™ they are committed to research and innovation, as well as contributing to the growing body of evidence-based research regarding the use and efficacy of cannabis. […]

Large Indoor Hydroponic Facility – New On the CSE

Michael Ash – Chief Commercial Officer at FSD Pharma Inc. Our symbol is HUGE on the CSE. FSD Pharma strives to be the largest indoor hydroponic facility in the world. We intend to target all legal aspects of the marijuana industry including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, extracts and research and development. […]

Now Growing More Than Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Adding cannabis to their list of crops has put Village Farms on the verge of becoming Canada’s largest cannabis producer. Village Farms is one of the largest producers of premium quality greenhouse tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers in North America. Village Farms vegetables are grown hydroponically (without the use of […]

On the Verge of Becoming Canada’s Largest Cannabis Producer

We’re converting 10% of the assets that Village Farms International owns. Once it’s fully operational it will generate close to a hundred million dollars more than all of Village Farms after 29 years in business. We’re on the verge of possibly being the largest cannabis producer in Canada. Village Farms […]