California’s cannabis industry is expected to reach $5.1 billion in 2019, according to Arcview and BDS Analytics, driven by the legalization of adult-use cannabis last year. With nearly 40 million residents and more than a million medical marijuana patients, the state’s market represents about a third of the North American cannabis industry. Cannabis edibles and concentrates have surpassed cannabis flower as the most popular product format.

Sublime Canna, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company located in Oakland, is well positioned to capitalize on these trends. Let’s take a look at what sets Sublime Canna apart from the competition and where the company is headed over the coming quarters.

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Unrelenting Focus on Quality

Many cannabis companies are focusing on scaling up their production capacity at any cost. While these companies may generate the greatest early revenue, the lack of product quality eventually catches up to brand reputation and hurts profit margins. Investors may want to shift their focus to cannabis companies that have a strong understanding of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing processes, and other elements of quality control.

Sublime Canna addresses these issues by taking control over the entire cannabis production process. Starting with pesticide-free buds from partners, the company manufactures cannabis oils and concentrates using state of the art cold ethanol extraction machines designed to maintain the plant’s natural profile. The company’s team then reintroduces full-spectrum terpenes to the oil for enhanced flavor and effect.

The company’s pre-rolls and edibles use similar quality control systems. Pre-rolls are made from the finest premium flower and are sprinkled with extract and rolled in oil and kief, and edibles utilize industry-leading confectionery manufacturing to produce the best tasting edibles on the market with precise dosages. Throughout all of these processes, the company aims to bring a high level of science to the cannabis production process.

Unique Products & Distribution

Sublime is well-known for its vaporizer cartridges and Fuzzies pre-rolls, which are already widely distributed throughout California and have received several awards. Most recently, the company’s CBD-infused Sleep and High-C vape cartridges were awarded both first and second place at the 2018 Emerald Cup for “Best CBD Concentrate.” The company’s Sublime Gold cartridges are its flagship line with terpene blends that provide a “dab-like” pull.

In February, the company launched its first edible product, Dosies, a cannabis-infused, low-dose mint. With the tagline, “A Tiny Miracle in Ever Mint”, Dosies provide a smooth and sweet shell for a delicious and different experience. With 2mg of THC per mint, they provide consistent microdosing for individual consumers and a product format that’s both portable and discreet for anyone seeking a unique experience.

“Expanding into the edibles space is an exciting move for Sublime,” said CEO Alex Fang in the press release announcing the new product launch into the multibillion dollar edibles space. “Customers already know and love our prized vapes and ‘Fuzzies’ prerolls. With the introduction of the world’s first ‘panned’ cannabis mint we are confident that Dosies will be just as beloved. I like to say it’s a microdose with a perfect coat.”

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Looking Ahead

California’s cannabis industry is projected to top $5 billion this year and edibles and concentrates are the fastest growing segments. While many companies are rapidly scaling into the business, only a handful are creating premium brands that have staying power. Sublime Canna, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company located in Oakland, is one of those quality brands that’s building a strong presence.

Last year, the company closed a $6.2 million Series A and plans on using the proceeds to expand production capacity and launch new products to meet the growing demand for high-quality legal cannabis products in California.

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