Editorial Policy

If you ever see something that appears to violate this policy please inform us at editor@cannabisdaily.today and we will take action immediately.

While we have no editorial control on press releases & wire services content  – in terms of original content – we have the strictest editorial standards. These are the rules by which we govern all content that appears on this website.

The following are the operational guidelines of the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY with respect to publication ethics.

  1. Publication and authorship: All articles will contain a complete list of references in citation style of the website; financial support that the author(s) has received will be noted; there will be no plagiarism of the work of others or the work of the author(s); no data will be included that is fraudulent in any way; the research reported will not have been reported in, nor will it have been submitted during its time of consideration to, any other website.
  2. Author’s(s’) responsibilities: All submitted articles to the website, including articles-in-brief and commentaries, will be peer reviewed. All members who have contributed significantly to the research and no others will be included in the list of authors. In submitting research for evaluation to the website, the author(s) attest that the data reported are real and authentic. All author(s) must be willing to provide retraction statements to the website should the website request such a statement. Any such request will be based on clear evidence of transgression of normal research reporting and the policies of the website.
  3. Peer review responsibilities: It is the responsibility of peer reviewers, along with the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY , to make and ensure judgments that are fair and “objective.” Peer reviewers ideally will have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. If a peer reviewer has what he or she considers a perceived or actual conflict of interest they will make that known to the editor and the editor will decide whether the reviewer should decline or accept the request to review. Peer reviewers should make known to the author and the editor relevant published work that is not cited. Reviewed articles will be treated as confidential by the website and its peer reviewers until they are published.
  4. Editorial responsibilities: The editor of the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY  has complete responsibility and authority to accept or reject an article. The editor will only accept papers for the website when he or she is reasonably certain that it qualifies to be published in the website and reflects the policies within the website’s ethical guidelines. The editor should have no conflict of interest with respect to articles they accept or reject. If they do have a conflict of interest, the editor will turn over the administration of the peer review process, including the final decision to publish (or not) to a member of the website’s editorial board who does not have a conflict of interest. If an article must be retracted or corrected, the editor will promote the publication of correction or retraction. The editor and staff of the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY  will work to preserve the anonymity of reviewers, which it currently does.
  5. Publishing ethics issues: Within the framework of publication ethics, it is the purpose of the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY to contribute to and maintain the integrity of the knowledge record in the defined areas in which the website publishes. Please see “Editorial Policies” on this site. Both the editorial and publication offices of the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY monitor all submissions. This includes identifying and preventing the publication of papers where research misconduct inclusive of fraud and errors has occurred. Research misconduct also comprises, but is not limited to falsification and fabrication of data, including, by selection, giving a false impression, plagiarism, false attribution of authorship, lack of ethical approval where required, undeclared conflicts of interest, and the submission and representation of content that has previously been published as original. In no case does it condone misconduct or knowingly allow such misconduct to take place. In the event that CANNABISDAILY.TODAY’s publisher or editor(s) are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, the publisher or editor shall deal with allegations appropriately including investigating the matter, treating the investigation confidentially, contacting and corresponding with the relevant author(s), followed by a published retraction, correction, clarification, and/or apology. If deemed warranted, an article may be removed from the CANNABISDAILY.TODAY ’s website, and a notice of misconduct may be published. In extreme cases, CANNABISDAILY.TODAY may contact an author’s institution or take legal action.
  6. RSS Feeds and Press Releases: We routinely republish press releases from wire services verbatim, unless otherwise credited to an author. We are not responsible for any claims or forward-looking statements contained in content originating from feeds or individual new issuers, networks or user-shared or user-generated content, comments or information.



The information on this website is for general information purposes only. It is not intended as legal, financial or investment advice and should not be construed or relied on as such. Before making any commitment of a legal or financial nature you should seek advice from a qualified and registered legal practitioner or financial or investment adviser. No material contained within this website should be construed or relied upon as providing recommendations in relation to any legal or financial product.

How can I promote a stock legally?

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-promote-a-stock-legally

Yes, sort of. “Promote” is the wrong word. Telling people the reasons you bought the stock, is the way to look at it.


  • Start a blog, write on SeekingAlpha, MotleyFool, interact with other investors on StockTwits, etc.
  • Do it with your own name, email address, and encourage people to get in contact with you to debate your stock ideas.
  • Tell people why you love the stock, and show them your analysis.

If they agree with you, they too will fall in love with the stock. But caution…

Do not:

  • Tell people they should buy the shares
  • Make recommendations
  • Act like a stockbroker

If you do that, you need to be regulated.

Fraudulent Stock Promotions and Pump And Dump Activities are Strictly Prohibited, We strongly advise all internet users exercise extreme caution at all times when acting on unsolicited advice or recommendations. Always seek professional advise when making investment decisions.