TORONTO, August [28] – Starseed Holdings Inc. (“Starseed”) launched Saturday, a cannabis brand that will be made available in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta once adult-use legalization takes effect on October 17th.

Starseed’s adult-use brand, Saturday, is about making time for yourself – something we all need more of. The Saturday brand will bring those brief moments of freedom to any day of the week. At the same time, ensuring users enjoy a safe and responsible product from a medicinal organization.

“In Canada alone, 73 per cent of workers aged 20-64 report at least some level of stress in their daily routine, and over 500,000 Canadians experience a work-related anxiety episode each year,” said Angelo Tsebelis, President of Starseed. “The purpose of our adult-use line is to remind individuals that it is important to take stock of what matters to you, and to break from the always-on stress of meeting other people’s needs.  Saturday is for you.”

“The Saturday product portfolio is a curated line-up of hybrid and landrace strains designed to fit with your Saturday Morning, Afternoon and Night,” said Simon Davies, Chief Marketing Officer of Starseed. “We’ve carefully selected a balanced set of products for their rich aromas, diverse genetic origins, and ideal cannabinoid content.  These products fit with the needs of our consumers as they look to create that Saturday moment anytime.”

Saturday cannabis will be made available in the form of dried cannabis flower, oils and pre-rolled cones.  The range includes CBD Medi Haze (Morning), Jack Herer (Afternoon) and Hindu Kush (Night).  Saturday will continue to invest in educational programs related to responsible consumption of adult-use cannabis to ensure the highest standards of care are met.  Learn more at

In correspondence with the company’s PR agency, CD has been assured that the company is not advocating to smoke cannabis all day, or even all day on Saturday, but acknowledged it might be misconstrued.  The message they are promoting is that cannabis as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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