Weed’s got a lot to do with this selection on Amazon Prime.

Not missing out on the green buzz that took hold of Canada on Oct. 17, 2018, the video-on-demand subscription service has a host of Canadian weed centric documentaries. Here are some that might make for a movie marathon.

Doobious Business (2019)
Duration: 1h 27m “I hope from this documentary they’ll [society] see a hard working family man.” Amazon Prime
Meet Glenn, a businessman working and living in Toronto who runs the kind of business that you wouldn’t tell your kid’s class about.
A marijuana dealer, Glenn has been selling drugs, and we catch up with him in 2019 in a country that is looming on an election where all but the Conservative party has a platform to legalize weed. Glenn drives people around on a bus to their local polling station to get them to vote for the Conservatives in an effort to keep his business afloat, and hands out free bags of weed and $20 vouchers for his customers. His biggest worry is that if the Liberals win, his illegal business might crumble under the looming threat of legalization.
“I hope from this documentary they’ll [society] see a hard-working family man,” Glenn says in the 2019 documentary directed by Chris Power, emphasizing that his business is just like any other, only the product he sells was illegal at the time.
Learn what became of Chris once the country began seeing green with the Liberal party in control.

Bud Empire (2017)
Duration: 1 season, 7 episodes, 22m each Created by History Canada and directed by Trish Dolman, Bud Empire looks at the business of selling weed in Canada when the drug was still a no-go on the legal market. Amazon Prime This seven-part docu-series follows Bob Kay, a Canadian cannabis advocate and owner of Kelowna, B.C.’s BeKind medical marijuana dispensary. The series was shot during the pre-legalization days in Canada with Kay admitting that he could “be arrested and go to jail” at the drop of a hat.
Created by History Canada and directed by Trish Dolman, Bud Empire looks at the business of selling weed in Canada when the drug was still a no-go on the legal market, featuring Kay, who is described as one of the country’s “most charismatic marijuana advocated.”
If you’re wondering what happens to Kay and his business after Canada began seeing green, it’s still up in the air as to whether or not Kay got his license to legally sell pot after the store closure.

CannaBiz (2015)
Duration: 42m In a world before legalization, things operated pretty differently than how they do today. Amazon Prime
Directed by Lionel Goddard, the doc is shot in Grand Fork, B.C., where coincidentally, medical pot advocate Brian Taylor was elected mayor in 1997 (he now works as the president of Grand Forks Cannabiz Co-op). The doc features figures like Taylor, nicknamed the town’s ‘marijuana mayor’ and Sam Mellace — a federally licensed grower and advocates for cannabis for medicinal use, Mellace was nicknamed the ‘king of pot’ by the National Geographic.
The narrative also dives into the tricky relationship between RCMP and its attitude towards the drug. Delving into Canada’s cannabis laws pre-legalization, this documentary shows life before you could order cannabis online from the government.

Kid Cannabis (2014)
Duration: 1h 49m “I was this high school dropout, but I ran a disciplined, US$68-million a year business.” Amazon Prime
This 2014 movie based on a true story and follows the life of Idaho teenager Nate Norman, who runs a drug smuggling business with his best friend and a group of stoners, who smuggle weed from Canada to Idaho.
“I was this high school dropout, but I ran a disciplined, US$68-million a year business,” Norman says in the trailer. He learns that Canada grows the best weed, so he heads north. Things escalate into violence, and we’re left wondering what happened to Norman and his pals. Cannabis in Idaho is currently still illegal for recreational and medical use. In fact, Idaho is the only state in the U.S. without any law that recognizes the medical value of cannabis.
The movie is directed by John Stockwell, and shot in Vancouver, B.C., and opened just two days before 4/20 in 2014. In real life, when things started to go south, Norman began dating a stripper and roamed around with people who were getting high all the time. Then there was the competition on the market, and in October 2002, one of Norman’s competitors was killed, and in 2003, police began to spy on Norman and his crew.
Eventually, Norman turned himself over to the police after much of his group was rounded up by the police. His case went to trial in 2004, where Norman pleaded guilty to five of the 59 counts against him, and got slammed with a 12-year sentence, the first 10 years not subject to parole.

The Culture High (2014)
Duration: 1h 59m Watch for a star-studded cannabis experience. Amazon Prime
Directed by Vancouver’s Brett Harvey, The Culture High follow the trials and tribulations of marijuana use and the black market in North America. Before making The Culture High, Harvey made The Union: The Business of Getting High, which won Best Canadian Documentary from the National Film Board in 2007.
The Culture High also features Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, Richard Branson and Wiz Khalifa. “It’s not rational or logical, it’s financial,” Snoop Dogg says of the crackdown on cannabis in the trailer.  There’s lots of discussion and debate on the War on Drugs, criminalization and perception of the media and politicians concerning weed.

Citizen Marc (2013)
Duration: 1h 34m Marc Emery is well known for his ability to garner attention to his cause to legalize weed, he eventually became one of the biggest figures in marijuana. Amazon Prime
Following the life of Canadian weed activist Marc Emery, this 2013 biopic follows Emery, who once served five years in a United States prison for selling cannabis seeds to Americans online in 2005.
Born in London, Ont., Emery is often seen as a troubling figure. In the 2014 Globe and Mail piece, writer Geoff Pevere writes that Emery exposed a lot of ongoings in the cannabis crackdown, “even is he is a jerk.”
“I have brought more to this country, more to this province, perhaps more to this world than anyone else alive,” Emery says in the biopic. Directed by Roger Larry, the doc features shots of Emery at marches and rallies and the journalists and politicians who were close to him at the time, it shows the trials of a man who loved weed when the world just wasn’t ready for it.
In 2019, Emery was accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour. The ‘Prince of Pot’, as he calls himself, denies those allegations.

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