Health Canada says none of the Nova Scotian producers have a sales license yet

The province’s liquor corporation placed its first order of cannabis last week and none of the 3.75 million grams will include Nova Scotia product.

One of the province’s producers says that he is in a race against the clock to ensure once cannabis is legal in October, there will be local marijuana on the shelf.

The NSLC will stock 78 strains of the drug at first with 14 Canadian vendors supplying the initial order. Two of those vendors are in Atlantic Canada but neither are from Nova Scotia.

Health Canada says none of the Nova Scotian producers have a sales license yet, but that is about to change according to Khurram Malik who is the president and CEO of Biome Grow owns Highland Grow Inc. which is based out of Antigonish.

He says he is confident there will be Nova Scotia product in the NSLC once weed is legal.

“We will be ready to sell unless Health Canada throws us a curve ball which I don’t think they will,” he says. “It won’t be a lot of product but we will have product on shelves.”

The three Nova Scotia cannabis producers still do not have a Health Canada license to sell cannabis but Malik says that he expects that paper work will take one month to approve.

The NSLC has not signed memorandums of understanding with any vendors, which means they are able to make adjustments to the products they’ll carry.

“Nova Scotia products will be added as soon as local producers have licenses from Health Canada to both produce and sell recreational cannabis,” the Crown corporation said in a news release Friday.

Malik expects there will be a provincial shortage initially because of a lack of local producers.

“At some point in 2019 you will have enough licenses in Nova Scotia to supply the markets so the province will be in good shape,” he says.


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