by Eric Vengroff, Financial Analyst, Cannabis Daily

NICHE Canada, the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, is running a series of community awareness events that serve to elevate the common base knowledge level regarding cannabis  for Canadian businesses, health and human resource professionals, cannabis industry participants and other stakeholders.   Their first event in Toronto on September 25th brought Health Canada, provincial and municipal regulators in health, law enforcement and government policy, doctors, lawyers, into the same room to listen and discuss the myriad issues that have been created as a result of Canada’ historic decision to legalize cannabis for adult-use recreational consumption last summer.

I attended the Toronto event and learned something almost from the moment I walked in.   For example, I watched over nine hours of senate chamber camera feed the night that Bill C-45 passed, but paid virtually no attention to Bill C-46, which also passed quietly and created three new offences for driving high.   Intended to beef up existing impaired driving laws to include drug-impaired driving, Bill C-46 identifies various levels THC, on its own or in combination with alcohol that would get you nice big fine, or worse.  I’ve had to use a breathalyzer before (no, I wasn’t charged) and don’t know when or why the test for THC would be administered, how accurate it would be or how long it would take, but it would be my advice not to be stoned or drunk at your next R.I.D.E. stop this (or any) holiday season.

The Calgary event, which takes place at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Calgary, 711 4 St. S.E., Suite A, will feature David Bever, Senior Policy Advisor, Health Canada.  For those in the industry, some of what you’ll hear will be a repeat of things you’ll already know, but patience will be rewarded, as the opportunities to listen to ensuing panels, presentations, and interact with panelists and getting answers to your own questions will present themselves throughout the day.

The full agenda can be found here, as well as a link to buy tickets.   Use the discount code NICHE20 to save 20% on your ticket.


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