As a media outfit we had the recent pleasure of attending the Grow Up Conference In Niagara Falls.

With a critical eye towards what’s different between Grow Up vs. Lift & Co., MjBiz, Cannacon and O’Cannabiz… here’s our summary of the event, and who you should connect with right away if you’re growing a new cannabis business.

By Andrew Shaw, Co-Founder of Cannabis Daily

This year’s Grow Up conference was just that. A safe place to learn and grow.
After just a couple of hours of networking at the Grow Up Conference in Niagara Falls we are able to make key contacts all across the industry.

As the industry begins to rapidly mature and the dominant players have established their footholds in most major expos and conventions, the Grow Up show was positioned as an opportunity to discover what you need to position yourself for growth, and if you’re a cannabis entrepreneur – everything, and everybody you needed to achieve the next-level was in the room and ready to connect.

From lights to grow room supplies, nutrients to crop automation, end user delivery services to capital finance, HR training, compliance and security – The Grow Up Conference is a one stop shop to help you start-up and grow a cannabis enterprise.

This year’s show had a great selection of ‘what-you-need-to-get-established’ service providers for folks looking to monetize their grass roots operation, with complete access to knowledge from existing vendors offering a myriad of services and products designed to supply and teach how to enter the market as a legitimate cannabis enterprise with good advice, financing, process methodologies, consulting and operation suppliers ready to help in a pure B2B trade show environment.

If you missed this show – don’t worry Cannabis Daily made sure to attend the facility to check out the show vendors, to make the key connects you’d want to have – and we’re happy to share them here with you! 

Who was there?  What did I miss?

Aurora, Redecan and 7 Acres were the most visible LP’s on the show floor, with Choom providing round-trip shuttle services to the local licensed cannabis store. A pickup and drop-off stand for shuttle services was located conveniently at the gate of the ‘Session Garden’ outdoor VIP consumption lounge sponsored by 7 Acres – which was thoughtful, tidy, and very smart!

By all participant accounts the Awards Gala Night was expertly MC’D by none other than Adam Growe, the ironically named host for the event, and Canadian Television luminary as seen on Cash Cab.

Adam Growe – Gala Awards Host and Cash Cab TV Personality

In general the show was well run, staffed and attended. We visited on the Saturday – so you’ll have to read all about the Friday awards gala results here:

The Grow Up Conference Show Floor at Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls

Here’s a list of names you should know, what they provide, and why we recommend you pursue them as key contacts for your growth-focused cannabis business plan;

If you are trying to start a legitimate enterprise in the cannabis space; we would recommend you check out this selection of exhibitors – These are people we personally interacted with and would recommend you to meet; and their websites to visit if you want to establish core relationships in the space – depending on your business angle; namely Aurora, 7 Acres & Redecan, Pineapple Express Cannabis Delivery, 3 Sixty Security, Cannabis Newswire, Cannabis Mortgages, VWR International, Bio Floral, Brand Blvd, Detonate Cannabis Agency, Sigma Analytical ServicesD2L Learning Platform, Fiber Dust LLC, Fast Leaf, AMP German Cannabis Group, Visual Capitalist, Agronomic IQ Grow Room HVAC, and the Canadian Greenhouse Conference – Just to name a FEW.

Aurora Cannabis – WELLNESS STARTS WITH AURORA. Medical cannabis shouldn’t be costly, inconsistent, or difficult to access. Our award-winning support staff, experienced cultivators, and network of healthcare practitioners are here to help remove barriers to medical cannabis. We’re honoured to be part of a movement that’s helping Canadians across the country access their medicine; and as we grow we will continue to provide patients with reliable access to safe, consistent, and effective medical cannabis.
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7 Acres – RESPECT THE PLANT. We are committed to providing you with a High End Cannabis experience, through the creation of better cannabis flower. We promise to drive the industry forward by constantly improving our techniques and practices. We take pride in growing High End Cannabis that respects each Cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. We are committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an uncompromised experience. Our products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed, to package. Every effort is made to ensure that each harvest is greater than the last, and celebrated with better aroma and flavour.
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Redecan – WHERE QUALITY IS KING. Quality Cannabis Starts with How It’s Made. No shortcuts, no excuses. With over 30 years experience in agriculture, we are devoted to delivering you quality cannabis. As a leading Canadian producer of medical cannabis under the Cannabis Regulations, located in heart of the beautiful Niagara escarpment, our state-of-the-art greenhouse allows for the optimal use of natural sunlight and clean fresh water. RedeCan remains one of the very few private, 100% Canadian owned and operated companies in the cannabis industry and maintains its family-oriented mindset towards staff and all of our patients and customers across the country. We believe that everyone should be able to buy high quality cannabis products for a reasonable prices.
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Pineapple Express Delivery – SAME DAY DELIVERY FOR THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY.  We have the expertise. We are there when you need it. Cannabis delivery must be taken seriously, the team at Pineapple Express Delivery understands it. With over 10 years of experience in the business of on demand delivery, we have delivered everything. This new era is bringing new challenges and we are well equipped to face them. Be the first to know about new services, special offers, events and more.
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3|Sixty Security – SECURITY, REDEFINED. 3|Sixty delivers professional, focused and reliable security solutions for the cannabis, law enforcement, oil and gas, mining, government and industrial sectors. We rely on a network of the most talented, highly trained and committed security personnel in our industry. 3|Sixty Secure Corp is an emerging leader in the cannabis security sector. Our customized security solutions provide peace of mind to our clients in Canada and around the globe. Our corporate knowledge and experience span a variety of sectors including cannabis, mining, oil and gas, non-core policing, and secure infrastructure. 3|Sixty delivers detailed security audits, risk assessments and security management tools, as well as security training and analysis to ensure that every client possesses the tools to properly address any challenges that might arise.
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Cannabis Newswire – NEWS AND PUBLISHING SERVICE FOR CANNABIS RELATED COMPANIES. CannabisNewsWire (CNW) is a specialized information service that (1) aggregates cannabis news, (2) provides CannabisNewsBreaks that quickly updates investors in the space, (3) enhances corporate press releases, (4) helps companies with distribution and optimization of social media, and (5) delivers comprehensive corporate communication solutions. CNW is uniquely positioned in the cannabis market with a strong team of journalists and writers who can help private and public companies reach a wide audience of investors, consumers, journalists and the general public through our ever-growing dissemination network of more than 5,000 key syndication outlets. CNW is bringing unparalleled visibility, recognition and content to the cannabis industry
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Cannabis Mortgages – MORTGAGES AND FACILITY FINANCE. Cannabis Turnkey Micro Grow Franchises For Sale Including License. Need to mortgage a grow facility or interested in converting land into a money making cannabis enterprise including building and facility mortgage financing? This is a great connect that’s available for your location based farm or facility mortgaging needs.
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VWR International – CULTIVATION SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT. In the rapidly growing Cannabis industry, you need a resource for products and services that can keep up with the changes in protocols and latest technology while also making the most of your supply. We can help you mitigate risks and stay in compliance, allowing you to focus on fully utilizing the cannabis leaf. VWR is your source for all your testing and analysis needs, with years of experience and expertise in providing consultative support to our customers — from a fully designed and built lab to ensuring a dependable supply chain of laboratory products. Whether you are a testing laboratory, producer, or processor, VWR’s solutions have you covered.
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Bio Floral – BIOFLORAL® is the leading Canadian wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers—a one-stop source for indoor and outdoor gardening industry. Over the past 20 years, BIOFLORAL® has built an excellent reputation around the world and thanks to our team, we have developed a complete expertise and offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for your crop type whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. BIOFLORAL® is proud to be associated with leading manufacturers around the world that offer high-quality products as well as Canadian licensed producers and commercial growers from coast to coast. With more than 100 combined years of experience, our team is available to fulfil your growing needs and help you achieve production goals. Simply put, BIOFLORAL® is your best ally.
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Detonate Cannabis Agency – DETONATE GROUP is a Toronto print/design agency specialized in bridging the gap between graphic design and print. We offer a full-circle partnership for our clients where we work with you from start to finish, from initial design concept to tearing down a trade show booth. We take pride in the services we offer but most importantly, value the relationships we have built with our clients and industry partners.A few things that we do really well: Graphic design and branding, Digital, offset, and large format printing, Promotional products, Custom signage, Trade show builds & Retail space interior design.
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Sigma Analytical Services – CANNABIS AND HEMP LABORATORY TESTING SERVICES. Sigma Analytical Services was founded in 2017 as a full-service pesticide, elemental, molecular, genetic, and pathogen analysis laboratory for cannabis and hemp. We offer a full portfolio of QC, QA, compliance and regulatory tests and research and consulting services in cannabis and hemp science. Our experienced team of scientists is dedicated to providing clients with fast and reliable results. We use proprietary methods that we have developed and validated to ensure our results are of the highest quality.
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D2L Learning Platform – TRANSFORMING THE WAY THE WORLD LEARNS. D2L (Desire2Learn) was founded in 1999 by John Baker. At the time, his engineering class was being challenged to look at the world in new ways by coming up with questions that no one had asked before. John realized that despite all the change technology was driving in the world, his University campus seemed almost untouched by that momentum. The question he wanted to ask was clear: how could we use technology to dramatically transform learning?
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Fiber Dust LLC – GLOBAL LEADERS IN COCONUT COIR PRODUCTIONFibreDust Coco Coir Growing Medium, Why Coir? Coir is a “soiless” growing media made from coconut husks. Sometimes coir is referred to as “coco peat” because of similarities in appearance to peat. Coir is widely used for seedlings, cuttings, and clones as well as cultivation of microgreens, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, blueberries, strawberries, roses, orchids, and more.  Could coir be the perfect growing media?  Maybe!  While coir is a staple in hydroponics, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA),  the qualities that make it perfect for those applications  translate to containers of all sizes, gardens, raised bed gardens, microgreens, floriculture and more. As the secret gets out, more gardeners, urban farmers, farm to table operations, and vertical growers are demanding sources for top quality “coco peat.”  FibreDust is here to meet that need.
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AMP German Cannabis Group – PROVIDING MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR GERMAN PATIENTS. Europe is set to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market over the next five years (2023) as European countries begin to legalize medical cannabis for domestic use and export to other EU countries. Germany has permitted the use of medical cannabis since 2017. The medical cannabis programs and the state’s obligation to cover medical prescriptions are still being developed but will be among the most robust and will set the standards for Europe. As a first mover, AMP will quickly establish market leadership in Germany due to its proven German and European management team, unique import model and ability to meet supply requirements through multiple suppliers from different countries that meet the EU-GMP standard.
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Visual Capitalist – MAKING THE WORLD’S DATA MORE ACCESSIBLE. Visual Capitalist exists for one reason – to help make this complex world a little easier to understand. Humanity generates a staggering 2.5 exabytes of data every day, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to glean insight from the tsunami of information we’re exposed to. We cut through the spin and noise of the news cycle to highlight big picture global trends, and explore the context that gets overlooked. We use data-driven, powerful visuals to keep millions of people around the world ahead of the curve.
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Agronmic IQ Grow Room HVAC – SMARTEST, MOST ADVANCED TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY AND ENVIRONMENT CONTROL IN THE WORLD. Agronomic IQ delivers outstanding performance reliability
and value for every size of grow facility. Want Competitive Advantage? We provide it. In our 42-year history with over 80,000 installations, we’ve learned a thing or two about dehumidification. When it comes to HVAC, there are vendors and consultants large and small who profess to have the answer – but do they really? Who do you trust with such a critical aspect of creating a high-yield growing environment – with such a direct impact on your bottom line? We help growers understand what they need to know when it comes HVAC design, specification, selection and installation.
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Canadian Green House Conference – CANADA’S FOREMOST EVENT AND CONNECTION POINT FOR COMMERCIAL GROWERS FOR CROPS IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT.  The conference attracts growers from across North America, gathers experts from around the world and showcases innovative production techniques, research, products and technology. With a steady record of growth, the CGC Board of Directors and Trade Fair Committee are committed to presenting a world-class industry event.
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The world of cannabis is deep and wide, and if you’re just getting established… as a bootstrap operator… this room was full of key relationships, processes and business development advisers designed to help you succeed in a dynamic and changing marketplace. 

The Grow Up Conference is certainly worth the ticket price; I’m already booking my ticket for next year.

I hope you will too.


The Grow-Up Convention Show Floor Photo Gallery






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