On October 28th in Ontario, Canada at Blue Mountain Village, a popular tourist destination, the tourism and cannabis industry will come together for the first time for the 1st Annual New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit. The 1-day event, will feature tourism trailblazers and cannabis experts who are already creating canna-tourism experiences such as cannabis-friendly destinations, hotels, resorts, festivals, spas, activities and more.

Canna-tourism is starting to pick up momentum and garner attention as new experiences are popping up both in Canada and in the U.S., where recreational cannabis is legal. There’s a growing consumer demand for experiences and venues where they can purchase, consume and learn about cannabis. Smiths Falls recently announced their intention to become the premier canna-tourism destination; they are a partner at the event and will be sharing their canna-tourism strategy with delegates.

“Canna-tourism can have a major economic impact, both directly and indirectly for both industries, similar to wine tourism,” says Jennifer Mason, Founder, New Heights Cannabis. “This summit is designed to bring together the two industries to forge partnerships in order to build experiences and attract new customers. According to Smiths Falls Cannabis Tourism Strategy research, the future cannabis consumer looks a lot more like a wine tourist than the stereotypical ‘stoner’. There are so many untapped opportunities, especially in Canada, which is poised to lead the industry with edibles and topicals launching on October 17th.  This will open up culinary tourism, spa, wellness experiences and so much more.”

Post legalization, cannabis tourism companies are coming up across Canada, anticipating the cannabis tourism industry to explode, a trend that market research analysts are already talking about in recent reports.

This summit will provide delegates with insights into developments around edibles, beverages and other consumer trends within the cannabis tourism landscape. Attendees will be inspired by thought-leaders, world-class canna-tourism success stories, big ideas, step-by-step processes, resources and tools for developing their own cannabis tourism product along with insights into marketing, PR, legal and compliance for a product. The day promises to be an energizing learning environment with presentations, interactive sessions, demonstrations and networking!

The summit is timely for individuals and companies who want to gain an insight into what cannabis tourism entails and what they can do in order to capitalize on recreational legalization.

Attendees must be 19 years of age and older to attend this event. Photo ID is required.

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News Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit

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