Attendee’s line-up on Friday morning to get tickets to Lift & Co. Expo in Toronto

Toronto Lift & Co. Expo hits all-the-marks.

There are an increasing number of cannabis shows beginning to permeate the convention landscape but the high-bar has certainly been set by CEO Matei Olaru and the folks at Lift & Co.

This year’s event had a mind-boggling amount of attendee and exhibitor value in the array of vendors and stage performances, with the expo wrapping the first ever Cannabis Week in the city of Toronto.

The lineups at the door were proof positive that the market is healthy and the industry is very much in high-demand both on a consumer and business-to-business basis.

We took a look at the show floor this year and the LP heavyweights were out in force. Notable booths included HEXO, 7 ACRES, JMCC, AURORA, ORGANIGRAM, APHRIA, BROKEN COAST, INDIVA, DELTA9, GREEN ORGANIC DUTCHMAN, CANNTRUST, JWC and EMERALD HEALTH. There was also a first-time show appearance by BIOME GROW who staffed their booth with top industry analyst Khurram Malik, CEO of Biome Grow and George Smitherman, former Ontario minister of health, and VP of Corporate Affairs.

Notable brand absences included CANOPY GROWTH, TOKYO SMOKE & TWEED

In addition to the expected cast of characters  there was a visible presence of new extraction & processing technology providers which caught our attention namely;

Vitalis Extractor

VITALIS EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY – Vitalis’ highly-acclaimed CO2 extraction systems are a dominant mix of versatility and engineering, built to exceed industry standards for safety and continuous operation. Produced at their ASME accredited facility in Kelowna, BC, Browse their lineup of CO2 extraction machines, see also this library of extraction related articles,

DUETSCHE PROCESS – The Deutsche brands were formed 2010 after years in the Commercial/Industrial GC industry through the Craft Brewing sector and have taken their industry experience in process technology and tailored their line of equipment to growth industries outside of Craft Beverage into general processing technology.  Learn more.

TANDEM TECHNOLOGY – Terpene Extraction: They’ve been supplying the semiconductor industry (as NSI) with best-in-class equipment for over 20 years and are now bringing semiconductor grade equipment to the cannabis and hemp industry. Our first machine available to the market is the T-100 (Terpene Extractor) which is completely solvent free. View specifications.

FUTUROLAFuturola – The Future of Rolling™ was born from Futurola Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Growing and evolving to exceed industry standards, Futurola has developed a world-class product line of rolling + smoking accessories for everyone from consumers to producers. View products.

There’s no doubt that CBD, THC and Terpene extraction technologies are important as the uses of the plant become better understood, especially in medical applications where the efficacy of therapies are based on pure inputs. 

The extraction tech was impressive to see – everything from a desk top size unit capable of processing small batch quantities all the way up to industrial size units capable of processing hundreds of pounds per production run such as the Vitalis CO2 extraction rig, pictured above.

In addition to extraction, there were also automation technologies for trimming, rolling, irrigation, lighting and more.

One very distinct booth featuring beauty products also caught our attention, Urban Juve – Who offer modern wellness products infused with hemp-root and hemp-seed oils. They had a full on salon installation to cater to the emerging interest in plant based extract beauty therapeutics where folks could try the product and learn about hemp-based beauty applications.


As the cannabis industry continues to mature – it’s safe to say that Lift & Co. will by many be considered a catalyst in making introductions and relationships between parties. All over the venue you could witness business being conducted at the C-level. Executives and entrepreneurs in ad-hoc meetings huddling in the ample food court spaces, hallways and side-rooms discussing strategic alignments, potential deals and partnerships.

I expect we should all stay tuned for a flood of announcements stemming from the show over this next two weeks.

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