Kratom Powder Vs Extract – Benefits and Side Effects

What is Kratom?

Kratom is one plant that has sparked off a lot of controversy in the last few years. As at September 2016, the DEA moved to classify it a Schedule 1 drug. This would have put it in the same league as ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD and others in that class.

Such a classification would also have meant an outright ban on its sale anywhere in the U.S. However, that decision was rescinded but a strong warning against its use was still issued.

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This plant botanically known as Mitragyna speciosa is native to countries in the Southeast of Asia like Maylasia, Thailand, Papua Guinea and a few others. The leaves of this plant have been used by the locals for tens of decades as medication for pain and other health issues.

Because of its stimulating and opioid-like effect, locals also used it to stimulate themselves (when consumed in small doses) and as a way of getting “high” (when taken in large doses).

It is for these same properties that this plant is now popularly used as a way of treating pain or even helping with addiction.

Kratom can primarily be gotten in two forms – powder or extracts. We therefore want to look at these two options so as to find out if there are any differences between them.

Extract vs Powder

These are the two major forms in which kratom can be presented. This is of course aside from the natural presentation which is in its natural leaf form. Natives are known to chew the leaves directly to get the benefits of it.

Since the plant has gained international notoriety and not everyone can access the leaves, finding other ways of distributing the product was only a matter of time.


This is a presentation of the plant regarded as the most potent. It is derived from a process that extracts all the kratom alkaloids possible, leaving behind a thick paste or solid substance that is said to be about 50 times the strength of the kratom leaf.

This is because every chaff and unnecessary component has been removed, leaving behind the raw, potent stuff. It is important to note that an extract can also be sold in a powder form. The paste or solid substance left behind after the extraction process can be further processed, reducing it to a powdered form. Once it is a quality extract, it still retains its potency.

Another important fact about extracts is that you also have to consider the strain of kratom used. The three common strains are: maeng da, thai and borneo. These different strains have different potency levels and are therefore used for treatments.

Maeng Da is great for its stimulating effect. It can also be used for treating pain without experiencing its sedating effect.

Thai can be used for those trying to treat addiction. It can also be used by people looking for increased energy or for treating very serious pain.

Borneo is the strain to go for when what you are looking for is the euphoric effect of kratom.

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Kratom powder (not extract powder) is the result of a simple process of drying kratom leaves and then grinding them to powder. It’s more or less the same leaf but without the moisture content and also broken down to powder.

Benefits and Side Effects


We’ve already stated that the kratom powder (not the extract powder) is not as potent as the extract. This however does not mean it is not effective. Interestingly, it still has some benefits or shall we say advantages over its more potent sibling, the extract.


Best for Beginners – This is the best option for beginners as dosages are easier to manage so as to avoid huge dosages.

Best for Long-term use – This again has to do with dosage measurement. The lower potency of this powdered form makes it better for long-term use as it does not raise your kratom tolerance level.

Side Effects

This does not have any special side effects other than the usual side effects that can arise from taking too much.


Extracts are generally more potent regardless of the strain. It also has its advantages and disadvantages.


Potency – This is its greatest benefit. A very small dose will have more effect than a larger dose of the powdered form.

Storage – It is also much easier to store and will last longer.

Side Effects

Tolerance – Because of its potency, your body can quickly build tolerance to it such that it does not have as much effect as it used to.

Addiction – Since it is quite easy to overdose on extracts, it is easy to become dependent on it much like an addiction.


The major issue with the use of kratom is getting your dosage right. Common side effects that have been reported are mostly as a result of overdose. The same applies to powder or extracts. If you can get the right dose of either the extract or powder, you will gain the desired benefit.

Another thing to consider is where you get your product from. Ensure you get it from reputable sellers like cbdkratomexperts.com/. If you do not get a good quality product, you cannot expect to enjoy the full benefit of using this plant.

Again, remember that most of the problems users have with kratom have to do with wrong dosage. Always make sure to start with very mild doses and increase very gradually until you get the right dose so you can enjoy its health benefits without adding any of its side effects.


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