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Khurram Malik, Biome Grow CEO: “You need to build everything around healthy, high quality plants”

“We have to legitimize our product, we have to build stories around it,” says Khurram Malik, CEO of Biome Grow.

Biome Grow is a Canadian medicinal cannabis producer that is looking at opportunities in the international market. “The biggest challenge for medical cannabis is convincing doctors that certain strains work for certain medical conditions. That is why we are doing a lot of research.”

Khurram says you cannot look at cannabis like other medicines, you cannot focus on its medicinal properties as a whole. “We have to look at very specific issues and how cannabis can help with that particular issue. Think of drug resistant epilepsy, the effects of cannabis are immediate and it’s easy to recognize its effects. If you have a child with epilepsy and you start administering CBD, the effects are immediately noticeable. It’s easy to prove the effects in this particular instance, but this is more difficult with some other things.”

A little push is needed
According to Khurram, the recreational cannabis market can help this process. “Perhaps people try cannabis and find out that it alleviates their pain. They go to the doctor saying: I tried this and my pain went away. This pressures the doctor into taking the cannabis into consideration as possibly helpful and they might start medical trials. The doctors themselves don’t have to suggest it because their patients have already tried it.”

Legitimizing itself is merely one of the many issues that the medicinal cannabis market faces currently. According to Khurram, legislation – specifically in Canada – is another hurdle. Since what you are growing is essentially medicine, being a grower in the medicinal cannabis sector comes with a lot of extra responsibilities. “The regulations in Canada are very difficult to operate under. There are lots of regulations, which makes it very expensive to grow. But, because of this added legislative pressure, we grow at a very high-quality pharmaceutical grade. Plus, there is another advantage: if you can grow cannabis in compliance with all regulations in Canada, you can do it pretty much anywhere else, so it’s easier to move into a new market.”


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