If widespread cannabis legalization has taught us anything here at Custom Cones USA it’s that we have options.

Tons of options.

And so we no longer have to settle for the traditional methods of consumption. If you can’t roll a joint, there are now pre-rolled cones, which make rolling a thing of the past.

Tobacco blunt wraps are being taken over by hemp wraps and cones and marijuana geniuses are coming up with new smoking contraptions nearly every day!

Of course, these traditional methods work quite well in and of themselves; however, the seasoned, perhaps even adventurous, cannabis smoker is often left wanting a stronger, heavier buzz that is also more than satisfying.

Take the everyday joint for example. It’s an ideal way to consume (legal or medical) cannabis: You grind your flower and roll it, light it up and smoke it. It works every time like a charm. It works for literally millions of people around the world who love and consume cannabis.

But for those who are looking for a little more (okay, a lot more) THC added to their joint for a much stronger buzz, there are a lot of ways to get them there, whether they buy an infused pre-roll joint at a dispensary or roll a Bubble or Caviar joint.

The Infused Pre-roll

An infused joint is like a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso added to it, also known as a Red-Eye. The effect is amplified because of the higher dose of caffeine in one sitting. An infused joint is essentially the same thing.

To ensure premium potency and quality control in your pre-roll, try opting for one that is infused. Most dispensaries sell them. It’s a joint that is not only rolled with premium flower, but also one that includes some kind of high-THC cannabis concentrate, whether in an oil, wax or hash form.

Concentrates are made from the cannabis flower, which is then processed to retain only the cannabinoids and terpenes. What’s left is essentially an extremely potent concentrate, with the non-essential plant material having been removed. Quite often with infused joints, either the flower itself is infused and then rolled, or the roller of the joint peppers the concentrate in the ground-up flower and then rolls it up.

And then another way a joint can be infused is when the rolled joint is either dipped or rolled in some form of high-THC concentrate oil and then covered in kief.

Those looking for a more potent high should definitely purchase an infused pre-roll next time they hit up a dispensary. There are a number of ways to infuse a joint, with two of the hottest methods and/or products being the Bubble Joint and the Caviar Joint.

Bubble Joint

The Bubble joint is a joint rolled with five parts flower and one part bubble hash. The latter is cannabis concentrate that is the result of using ice-cold, dried and cured flower to eventually end up with a product that is nothing but trichomes, which contains all the good stuff like the THC and the cannabinoids.

“Bubble hash” gets its name from the type of bags (“bubble bags”) that are primarily used to extract the trichomes from the plant matter itself. Also, when bubble hash is smoked, bubbles often form.

Whether you buy a Bubble Joint or roll one yourself, you’ll definitely feel the difference with a noticeable increase in THC content.

Caviar Joint

Another type of infused joint is the Caviar joint, which is as decadent as it sounds. It’s sort of an explosion of THC. Similar to moon rocks, cannabis caviar is created when cannabis buds are soaked in potent hash oil and often, but not always, coated in kief.

A caviar joint is made by carefully grinding up these THC-packed buds and rolling them in a joint or pre-rolled cone.

Some individual caviar joints, like the Green Solution’s Caviar Cone, are slammed with about 780 mg of THC. Even at around $40 for just this one cone, it may be worth it. It’s enough for several people, even seasoned smokers, to get stoned out of their minds.

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