’s sister publication,  is pleased to announce that THC and CBD test are for sale for the first time in Canada. These test kits are priced in Canadian dollars and ship from Toronto.   Launched in 2015, the detection kit lineup has been well received worldwide. Using a modified and calibrated chemical dye test, CB Scientific, the test kit creators, brings safe, quick and easy- to-read results in ten minutes.

The test kits will test for the presence of THC and/or CBD in both flower and edible products.   These kits are being introduced just before the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada to ensure that Canadians have access to a reliable test that indicate whether or not they are acquiring or consuming product that meets their expectations.

Although the supply that comes from licensed producers is controlled for quality and consistent content, many Canadians who either cultivate their own strains or acquire product from undocumented sources may want to understand what the concentrations of THC or CBD exist in the products they’re consuming.

  • The THC & CBD test kits contain enough material to run three (3) THC tests and 3 CBD tests. Testers can test the same plant strain from three different locations on the plant or different plants to compare consistency, or run three individual tests on three different strains to compare for the presence of cannabinoids.


  • The CBD test kit will run three tests for CBD concentration.


  • The THC edibles test kit will test cannabis buds, extracts, oils and edibles for concentrations of THC.


  • There are also single-test vials for THC testing available.

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