by Eric Vengroff, Financial Analyst

December 20, 2018 – Health Canada released its proposed regulations for cannabis products that currently are not available for sale in legal channels in Canada, namely edibles, extracts (inhaled or ingested), beverages, and topical creams or patches.  The focus clearly appears to be on the THC content, and places conservative THC content limits on these products relative to similar items available in certain U.S. states, in the underground market or what cannabis consumers are cooking up themselves.   There appears to be little mention or consideration of limits or content of CBD.  Ultimately any health benefits of any component of cannabis cannot be discussed regardless of form.  From a legal compliance standpoint, it is possible to learn more about the motor oil on the shelf of an automotive store than you will be able to learn about the products that will be on offer.  Once behind an age-gated environment, presumably a bit more information will be able to be produced and consumed.

A graphic summary is below:

Health Canada wants your say, so take advantage of the opportunity to voice your opinion at  The plan is to wrap up consultations early in 2019 in order to give product developers sufficient time to implement product launches in time for the Oct. 17, 2019 self-imposed deadline and commitment to bring these products to market.  It is believed that by addressing this last implementation of the cannabis legislation, it will lead to further eradication of the illicit market for cannabis and derivative products currently continuing to supply Canadian consumers in the absence of product on legally available shelves.

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