Could cannabis be good for gardening? We have all heard about the benefits of the Canadian cannabis industry for Bay Street, the agricultural sector and even the Canadian economy, but I think cannabis could create a whole new crop of future gardeners.

Cannabis makes being a gardener or grower cool: well, at least in the eyes of those who desire growing their own. Never in modern history has there been a time you could legally grow cannabis at home. In the past, you had to resort to growing it secretly in a remote forested area or indoors in a tented basement.

But now, not only can you grow your own, you can feel free to ask about how to grow it too.

Take it from a garden expert like me, all walks of life are asking and have asked how to grow this five- to seven-leaf friend.

Cannabis will make non-gardeners grow into gardeners. Growing your own green could save you a lot of green, a.k.a. cash. The savings is motivating Canadians of all walks of life to try to grow their own weed. My hope is through the positive experience of growing cannabis, home growers will further venture into the gardening world, growing their own fruit and vegetables and taking pleasure in investing in perennials, annuals trees and shrubs.

Cannabis will increase innovations in growing both indoors and out. Cannabis over the last five years has been big business globally, with huge investments being put into the world of growing both indoors and out. This investment is stimulating a whole industry investigating and innovating new and improved growing supplies, equipment and techniques. These innovations will eventually filter down into the gardening consumer market, meaning better products to grow plants outside in gardens and even in our home.