By Andrew Shaw & Eric Vengroff, Co-Founders of Cannabis Daily

As publishers and co-founders of Cannabis Daily we just had our first experience of The Cannabis Society which was both eye-opening and insightful in equal measure.

The invitation-only event was hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright on the 38th floor of the south tower of the RBC building in Downtown Toronto. The venue itself represents the new legitimacy of  the Cannabis market in Canada – and the quality of presenters, and attendees, was top notch.

Co-Founders of Cannabis Daily and Eric Vengroff and Andrew Shaw present at The Cannabis Society in Toronto, Canada
Co-Founders of Cannabis Daily and Eric Vengroff and Andrew Shaw present at The Cannabis Society in Toronto, Canada

It’s always a pleasure to get an invitation to attend a desirable gathering, but getting an invitation to present is a great honor if you understand who you are presenting to, and hearing from, when you are among industry thought leaders.

The purpose of The Cannabis Society is largely a B2B gathering for entrepreneurs who are leading the way including Doctors, Product Developers, CEO’s, Financiers…  and us. Publishers and advertising service providers in the cannabis marketplace. The organization is a sub-set of the Entrepreneurship Society with a mission of “Accelerating Canada’s Highest Potential Entrepreneurs” and short of a secret handshake, it’s a group you want to join.

Our part of the event as publishers of and its sister-lifestyle-property was to describe the advertising landscape for cannabis companies in Canada, to highlight the government advertising restrictions, and present data on how we provide value to advertisers of cannabis stocks.

The room was stacked wall-to-wall with a dynamic cross-section of top talent in Canada’s cannabis sector and The Cannabis Society truly provided great business development networking value to all attendees.

We can confidently say we were impressed at the scope and depth of the panelists and presenters; as the subject matter covered a wide variety of extremely pertinent topics facing Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs in both domestic and international markets.

We were extremely impressed with Cannabis Compliance Inc. who exist to help bring companies into compliance with government standards, to allow them to mature as producers; to participate in both capital and export markets.  According to Edward Collins VP of Sales the organization is working with hundreds of companies, both local and international, to expand and grow on a legitimate worldwide basis.

Also of deep interest, we heard from one of HEXO’s  co-founders, Adam Miron () and received insights on the ‘brand tree’ they are building as savvy product marketers. We firmly believe passion and clarity are two key signals of company leadership well on its way to great success, and Miron demonstrated both in spades. With a healthy dose of good humor and realism in terms of the marketing exercises that great brand companies have to undertake, they’ve done the work to target their market, then market to their target.

Another great presenter was Antuanette Gomez (@ItsAntuanette), CEO of Pleasure Peaks – Sex, Cannabis, Spirituality is their tagline. In terms of the lifestyle market – beyond beverages and sports; sex and intimacy is clearly an under-exploited product market is a natural extension of the potential applications of both CBD and THC. We are pleased to see the cannabis market is tackling old taboos, and sexuality is a topic being largely ignored, Pleasure Peaks is assailing that particular mountain.

There were also two great discussion panels during the event, one including three doctors and a PHD discussing the the cultural change occurring (or not) in the medical profession; and another panel on financing and the capital markets for LP’s and product companies.

The panelists were knowledgeable and informed. It’s inspiring to be among thought leaders.

The entire event delivered on its B2B networking promise.

With a new sense of community, we are pleased to recommend you visit each of the presenters websites to follow their social media channels

Here’s some of the folks that presented at the event – please visit their links below;






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