Planned Increase of Production Capacity to 60,000 Kilograms by 2022

WINNIPEG, MB (February 20, 2019) – DELTA 9 CANNABIS INC. (TSXV: NINE) (OTCQX: VRNDF) provided an update on its expansion plans. Highlights include that the Company intends to increase its annual cannabis production capacity to 60,000 kilograms per year by 2022 and the expansion of its retail store network to four stores by the end of the second quarter of, 2019.

Set forth below is a summary of the completed Phase 1 expansion of Delta 9’s Winnipeg production facility and the anticipated Phase 2 and Phase 3 expansions.

Phase 1 – Phase 1 expansion is complete and licensed by Health Canada

  • Total production capacity is currently 154 Grow Pods offering 49,280 square feet of production space on two levels
  • Projected total annual cannabis production capacity of 4,224 kilograms of dried cannabis

Phase 2 – 2019 expansion underway

  • Total production capacity anticipated to increase by 454 grow pods
  • As of February 20, 2019, 65 additional grow pods have been installed in the facility as a part of the Phase 2 expansion.
  • Anticipated to provide an additional 145,280 square feet of production space on two levels
  • Total annual cannabis production capacity is anticipated to increase to 16,768 kilograms
  • Estimated capital costs of approximately $24,000,000, which will be funded from current cash flow

Phase 3 – 2020-2022 expansion plans

  • Systematic roll out of 15 modular warehouse buildings covering 480,000 square feet of production space on two levels
  • Total production capacity is anticipated to increase by 1,500 grow pods during this period
  • Total annual cannabis production capacity is anticipated to increase to 60,000 kilograms of dried cannabis
  • Construction of a 30,000 square foot in-house cannabis extraction facility
  • Anticipated capital costs of approximately $115,000,000. Delta 9 is currently reviewing its strategic options for funding these expansion costs

The Winnipeg production facility uses proprietary grow pod technology to produce premium cannabis products. Delta 9 was the first company in Canada to develop and deploy stackable, self-contained grow pod technology. The major benefit of these self-contained units is that there is low risk of crop failure. Each grow pod is constructed from a re-purposed 320 square foot steel shipping container and can produce approximately 32.5 kilograms of cannabis annually. Management estimates that each grow pod can generate $320,000 in annual revenue from the sale of cannabis produced by each grow pod.

“Delta 9 has over 70 strains of cannabis that require a production infrastructure that can grow a wide range of cannabis at scale simultaneously,” said CEO, John Arbuthnot. “Our goal is to continue to successfully execute our organic expansion strategy to meet consumer demand, grow the Company and benefit our shareholders.”

Retail Network update

Delta 9, through its partially-owned subsidiary, Delta 9 Lifestyle Cannabis Clinic Inc., opened its first retail cannabis store in Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 17, 2018

The company is currently building three more retail outlets in Winnipeg, Thompson and Brandon, Manitoba, and has partnered with a Manitoba First Nation to open a fifth store. Additionally, the company has pre-qualified for the Manitoba government’s request for proposals to build additional stores in smaller, rural communities.

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