The sudden explosion of the CBD market is staggering.

Its popularity stretches from small town hemp growers to influencers like Kim Kardashian and other celebrities.

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You may even find oils infused with it in your local CVS or Walgreens. It is also an amazingly interesting space to watch develop. The amount of brands out there selling cannabidiol (CBD) products are expanding too fast to count.

Some brands focus on CBD for pets while others promote tinctures or CBD edibles, even junk food infused with CBD.

The underlying theme of this new trend seems to focus on health and wellness. It is promoted as an analgesic (painkiller), an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) and a sleep aid. Researchers have found that it significantly reduces seizures in epileptic patients and studies continue on its ability to prevent drug addiction relapses.

Ridiculing CBD

The CBD industry has also been harshly ridiculed, and justifiably so, for lying about the CBD content in products, being inconsistent and misleading consumers by suggesting it is some sort of cure-all. It certainly is not that. If anything, CBD is most comparable at this time to a supplement. It does not induce sleep, but may reduce discomforts originating from inflammation and anxiety to allow people to sleep better at night. Yet, when you research different cannabis brands they all tell a different story.

Cannabidiol does not actually bind with CB1 or CB2 receptors in the human endocannabinoid system.One glaring mistake CBD companies make is telling consumers that CBD binds with receptors in the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD does not actually bind to CB1 or CB2 receptors, though it does influence them in a variety of ways including the promotion of naturally produced endocannabinoids by our bodies like anandamide and 2-AG. It should be a massive red flag to any consumer looking for the right CBD brand if they see reports of how CBD connects to CB receptors in our ECS.

What consumers really want to look for are CBD brands that seek to educate the consumer with detailed blogs concerning new scientific findings concerning CBD. They should inform readers about what we have already learned about it and the ways people have found it works best for them. Also, vitally important, is a third party lab report or a certificate of analysis that confirms the CBD content and what else the consumer can find in the product. It is vitally important that consumers know exactly what they are putting in their bodies.

Sugar and Kush

CBD gummies from Sugar and Kush provide a quick and easy way to add it into your daily routine.Take as an example, Sugar and Kush. A relatively new brand, it features CBD tincture 1000mg oil drops that are low-calorie and low-sugar. They also offer low-sugar CBD gummies and will offer the same health oriented version of cookies and brownies soon according to their site. On each of their product pages they provide a link to a certificate of analysis from a third party lab testing company. The report shows the exact mgs of CBD along with other cannabinoids like cannabidivarin (CBDV), and that there is absolutely no THC.

This company’s entire theme seems to center around the health and wellness aspect of using CBD. In their blogs they discuss using it for muscle recovery after workouts and how CBD will not be as effective all by itself versus using it in conjunction with adopting a healthier lifestyle in general. They suggest adding it to a person’s daily routine and that they have created a product that can optimize CBD’s benefits for everyone including people struggling with severe medical conditions like diabetes. All of these little details go a long way with consumers.

What is the Point of a CBD Isolate

Many cannabis consumers would argue that THC is a necessary component of any medicinal cannabis product. It certainly does look like THC has true medical value and that is more than just a means of getting high. However, there are plenty of people out there not interested in getting stoned. People want to be able to use it while at work to help alleviate pain and help them focus. While for some professions THC may actually be helpful, in others it would not be. It is reasonable to want a non-psychoactive version of medicinal cannabis and so it makes sense Sugar and Kush avoids any THC in their products.

You know, the thing about much of the CBD industry is that it looks and behaves like its unregulated. Consumers are already untrusting of it because too many of the distributors are just slapping together a website, putting up their CBD tincture or vape and looking for that quick cash grab from the early enthusiasm towards cannabidiol. Seeing brands treating their CBD products just like they would any mainstream regulated business is a promising sign. True believers in the benefits of cannabis want to see companies representing this plant in the best way they can.

CBD is One Piece of a Very Big Puzzle

Cannabidiol is a missing puzzle piece for overall health and wellness in people.So, is CBD a cure-all? By no means. It is a piece of the bigger picture puzzle though. Cannabidiol derived from hemp is plentiful, especially now that hemp is legal almost everywhere, including the U.S. The very best extraction techniques should be used along with the best farming practices. It would be great to see the entire cannabis industry focused on social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Adding hemp as a major cash crop in Canada and the United States should benefit our other agricultural markets too. Supposedly hemp helps in crop rotations and adds much needed nutrients to the soil.

S&K seems to have all that covered too based on their About Us page. I tried the hazelnut CBD oil tincture. It was delicious. It will be interesting to see if their approach is embraced by health and fitness focused consumers. Let’s see what other products they come up with and how they adapt to changing laws and new research discoveries. For me, they are a good sign for the future of CBD. If more brands would pop up with sites that are educational and responsibly inform consumers before regulations are fully implemented then the industry will only be helping itself out. Advocates have worked hard to get cannabis where it is now and it is up to business professionals to carry the torch across the finish line in the right way.

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