There are many celebrities that have been involved in the cannabis industry, but few have been as actively involved in the community as Steve DeAngelo. As a pioneering cannabis entrepreneur, activist, author and on-screen personality, DeAngelo co-founded several iconic cannabis businesses and organizations and continues to play an instrumental role in reforming cannabis laws through advocacy groups and legal action.

Let’s take a closer look at this cannabis legend and how a recent reverse merger opened the door for investors to buy a piece of his flagship company: Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR).

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Invest Alongside a Cannabis Legend

Steve DeAngelo isn’t just known for his cannabis activism — he’s also a businessman with a historic track record of success. DeAngelo thus far has co-founded Harborside, one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the United States; co-founded Steep Hill Laboratories, the first dedicated cannabis testing lab; co-founded the Arc View Group, the first cannabis investment firm; and currently serves on the board of FLRish, a vertically-integrated California cannabis company.












Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR) is the oldest cannabis retailer in the country, the largest cannabis retailer in California, and one of DeAngelo’s most recognizable business ventures. Last month, the company completed a reverse takeover (RTO) with Lineage Grow Company, which enables anyone to invest alongside the cannabis legend. The combined company has generated about C$400 million in cumulative revenue and captured three percent of California’s entire market.

To date, the company has attracted over 300,000 patients and expanded its footprint to include eight dispensaries and two cultivation facilities across two states. Under the direction of DeAngelo, the company has set a gold standard for compliance, product safety, industry expertise and customer service, while simultaneously paving the way for the entire industry to benefit from reforms to onerous cannabis laws and regulations.

Of course, the company’s products are also top-notch given its long track record and DeAngelo’s expertise. The company recently announced that their KEY brand received third place at the High Times Cannabis Cup competition in the Best Edibles Category for their Red Berry Fruit Jellies. Harborside Farms also received awards for collaborative projects with Apex, including First Place in the Indica Concentrates category and Third Place in the Vape Pen category at various cups.

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The Father of the Modern Cannabis Industry

Former Speaker of the California Assembly and Mayor of San Francisco, Hon. Willie L. Brown, dubbed Steve DeAngelo the Father of the Cannabis Industry thanks to his pioneering accomplishments within the cannabis industry over the past decade.

DeAngelo is also recognized in the industry for his successful litigation against the Department of Justice to shut down California’s medical cannabis dispensaries in 2011. The campaign successfully shut down ~600 dispensaries — one third of the state’s dispensaries — but ended when DeAngelo’s Harborside won multiple legal victories in both state and federal courts. The DOJ abandoned its efforts to shut down the state’s dispensaries in 2016.

In addition to his professional efforts, DeAngelo has also influenced public opinion through his creative projects, including a book, The Cannabis Manifesto, a Discovery channel mini-series, Weed Wars, and a new weekly show, Ask Steve DeAngelo, on He also continues to play a role in advocacy as a lead organizer and fundraiser for Washington D.C.’s I-59 initiative and as a co-founder of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).

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Looking Ahead

Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR) continues to expand its presence across California while eyeing opportunities in new states. These actions make the company both a compelling financial opportunity and an investment in advocacy.

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