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With so many opportunities flourishing in the cannabis market, it is no surprise that Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) websites are continuing the race to curate and sell in the online space. Some dispensaries operate with a combination of online sales and brick and mortar storefront locations. Beyond the MOM delivery services, many businesses that have a physical shop will also offer “hand delivery” services to locals within proximity of their location. Weedmaps is doing a great job making this information very accessible for customers. Weedeliver514 in Montreal has a storefront and hand-delivery service  and Tree House Cannabis has a mail order service that includes hundreds of products that are shipped across Canada.

All of this to say, long gone are the days of the “friendly stranger”. Consumers and patients are more curious about cannabis than ever before, and there is a strong connection that has formed and is growing between supply and demand.  Events like The M.O.M Cup in Vancouver, which took place earlier this year on February 23-25th, 2018 are evidence of customer growth, education, and curiosity.  Variety and accessibility are of primary importance. “Mail Order Marijuana is vital to Canadian cannabis patients and recreational smokers who want more variety than what “their guy” has. The M.O.M. Cup celebrates all M.O.M. businesses.”  https://www.twelvehighchicks.com/mom-cup-2018/

Who can enter?

  • Medicinal M.O.M.s
  • Recreational M.O.M.s
  • Growers/manufacturers/suppliers for M.O.M.s

Here’s a list (and links) to all the M.O.M. Cup 2018 winners:

Edibles (VIP):

3rd Place ~ Jen Bennett, Rocky Road Treats
2nd Place ~ Pauline, My Medibles
1st Place ~ Budderfly Infusions, Peppermint Chocolate Truffles


3rd Place ~ Beard Brothers Society, Live resin
2nd Place ~ Flawless Concentrates, Amsterdam extract
1st Place ~ Beard Brothers Society, Lemon extract


3rd Place ~ Terpfire
            2nd Place ~ Dirty Dave’s Dispensary
            1st Place ~ Lady Green


3rd Place ~ Jeff Lundstrom (Continental Group)
2nd Place ~ Terpfire
1st Place ~ Lady Green


3rd Place ~ Lady Green
1st Place TIE ~ Terpfire
1st Place TIE ~ Mary Jane Mail

2018 Activists of the Year:

Dana Larsen
Cindy Heemeryck (Overgrow Canada)

(https://www.twelvehighchicks.com/mom-cup-2018-winners/ )


It only makes sense that if you have the inventory to sell in large volume or have a variety of products available to you, to set up a virtual shop and push where the demand is accelerating. Many online dispensaries curate products from a specific geographical area, and all I can picture are rolling hills, like the vineyards in Napa Valley, but of tall, green hemp plants and cannabis. (As much as I loathe the comparison of alcohol to cannabis, the wine comparison was too good to pass up!)

People are beginning to understand what they want and marketing efforts are now being connected to where and how specific strains are grown. This is a natural progression in the industry as the mainstream public becomes more educated about cannabis. It is more sophisticated.  Maybe buds really are the new grapes. And Terpenes are the new tannins. And your favourite strain from British Columbia in the Okanagan can be delivered to your doorstep with discretion and ease (who can say that for their favourite bottle of Burrowing Owl Shiraz?).

Reasons for customers gravitating towards a delivery service for their cannabis products can vary. As more people move away from pharmaceutical medications and look for natural solutions, the medical demographic is continuing to experience exponential growth. For some, the loss of mobility is a major factor when seeking out a reliable service. Privacy and maintaining anonymity is also a very important consideration for many people that may still conceal their use. There is just the plain and simple convenience of anything being delivered when living in a remote or rural area or perhaps you don’t have the means of transportation to physically go check out the product before purchasing. There are many upsides, including additional value for large orders.

As a customer, it may be a challenge to trust a MOM service when all claim to be “Canada’s Best” or “Canada’s #1”. If you are lucky, maybe you have a friend that can offer a recommendation based on their experience. This is where customer driven, competitive events will continue to hold value in the marketplace, spotlighting the best products across the range of existing delivery services. Maybe you are more of a hand delivery or talk to a human, touch and smell the product before purchasing type of customer. Competitive events are definitely doing a great job at bridging the gap.

The demand for cannabis products has become bigger than anyone could have ever anticipated, and it is up to you to step into the shoes of the purchaser and figure out how to align yourself with the needs of the market. All it takes is one special product curated, one strategic connection formed, one article written, or one endorsement made, that can make all of the difference in this competitive space.

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