Province is calling it “National Shortage of Cannabis Supply”

Just several weeks after legalization of recreational cannabis Canada’s largest province has decided to approve just twenty five licenses to a select group of applicants by lottery process.

The application fee for a ‘lucky ticket’ in this weed bonanza is $6000 with an additional $4000 per store for various sub-license location fee requirements. That’s quite the lottery ticket price, but the demand is extremely high – pardon the obvious pun.

It’s certainly a start, with the government citing a need for a responsible regime of retail license approvals according to its foreseen supply limitations, which is reasonable. What good is it to open a bunch of stores and have empty shelves?

While the consuming population rumbles about non-availability in terms of convenience,  and certain municipalities are opting-out of weed shops in their area, the government is putting million dollar bills on the table to remedy each local community’s concern to offset costs of accommodating this new industry and its burgeoning population of retail going partakers.

Here’s an article from The Toronto Star discussing the topic in greater detail;




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