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As you’ve seen, we’ve been providing investors with ongoing coverage of BIOME GROW 

This upstart Canadian cannabis company has been steadily forging its path to going public… and, it just began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (Symbol CSE:BIO).

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The company is helmed by CEO Khurram Malik and has a business plan gaining big attention in the circles of professional cannabis investors, entrepreneurs and market makers.

On a domestic basis, the company has a focus on local growers, local retailers and local jobs – leveraging a deep understanding of the political landscape.

The group has already amassed grow assets in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Manitoba plus recently acquired WeedVR – a virtual reality based retail and education platform, no doubt a future part of its retail marketing and consumer communications strategy.

The company is positioning for success in unique and intelligent ways – harnessing both cultural and consumer trends to ensure optimal compliance with local rules and promotes a local farm-to-table supply-chain mindset, and internationally BIOME is working on deploying this same philosophical and practical business plan to advise governments, and build markets, where other competitors aren’t necessarily looking.

BIOME GROW Begins Trading on CSE Under Symbol (BIO) Today.
Look for Symbol (BIO) on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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