Aphria Shares Down this Morning

(Bloomberg) by Luca Casiraghi, Kristine Owram, Joshua Fineman and Matt Robinson– Aphria Inc., one of the biggest Canadian pot companies, fell as much 29 percent in New York after a short seller said it was a “black hole”.

Gabriel Grego, founder of Quintessential Capital Management, told delegates at a conference in New York Monday that Aphria had diverted funds into inflated investments held by insiders. In a report he ran in conjunction with Hindenburg Research, a forensic analysis firm, Grego said the company, which had a $2 billion market capitalization last week, is worthless. Both Quintessential and Hindenburg are shorting Aphria.  Full article here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cannabis-company-craters-shortseller-calls-142240390.html?.tsrc=rss

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