As a relatively new industry, the cannabis market is at an exciting time as it matures and branches from just flower into new sectors.

Cannabis is worth much more after it has been processed, for example into oils, edibles or topical products. Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF) (Frankfurt: YG3) is one company that has recognized this profitable opportunity. With the current worth of the health and wellness market estimated at $4.2 trillion, it has acted quickly to capitalize on this lucrative crossover.

In a move to further diversify its impressive distribution strategy, Yield Growth Corp. announced a new consumer and marketing alliance with ipsy on April 30th, 2019. ipsy is a leading beauty commerce company, and delivers personalized beauty boxes to over 3 million monthly subscribers. This alliance will see products from Yield Growth’s flagship brand Urban Juve featured in the ipsy glam bags. ipsy will post about Urban Juve’s products on its social media channels, and this campaign is projected to generate millions of impressions.

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CFN Media recently sat down with Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF) (Frankfurt: YG3) CEO Penny Green to discuss the company’s unique niche in this industry, and why investors may want to pay close attention as the company positions itself to become a key player in the cannabis sector of the health and wellness industry.

Penny Green LLB,BA, Director, President & CEO, The Yield Growth Corp. CEO, Urban Juve Provisions Inc.

CFN: What is the primary focus of Yield Growth?

Penny Green: We are the next generation of cannabis companies; We’re developing and distributing a wide variety of luxury cannabis products – including beauty and health products, and beverages and edibles. They all contain ingredients from the cannabis sativa plant, be it hemp oils, or compounds like terpenes, and also cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

We’re building a fully integrated, international cannabis products company, and we’re using modern technology to bring the ancient wisdom to a wider market. We start by sourcing the right strains for maximum therapeutic benefit. We have our own extraction technology for the highest quality oils, and we’re also developing an international distribution network for products, which combines online, brick and mortar and pop ups.

We have experts from the ancient science of Ayurveda, who have created over 70 products for us, and we’re using modern science, rigorous testing and quality control to bring those products to market. Many have been registered with Health Canada. We currently have about eleven products on the market through Urban Juve, and new products are being launched every month. We have our other line, Wright and Well, that’s anticipated to be launched in about a month in Oregon.

Our products are all made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients, no animal testing. They include body oils, pain balm, topical gels, capsules, beverages, sunscreen. We have a full line skin line with moisturisers, toners, cleansers and creams for various skin types. And we also have personal products such as deodorant, sexual lubricants and massage oil. And all of these products can be infused with cannabis, with THC or with CBD, and through all of that we intend to disrupt the international wellness and personal care industries.

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CFN: What are some of the signals that participation in the cannabis space is “becoming a competitive imperative for major International brands”?

PG: There is huge consumer interest and demand for products containing cannabis and hemp. These are historical events as cannabis is legalised and deregulated around the world. It’s essentially creating a new industry after a one hundred year prohibition.

In Canada, hemp root oil became legal in October 2018, and topicals made with cannabis derived ingredients are becoming legal in October of this year. In the U.S. the Farm Bill was adopted into law in December 2018, just very recently, and that allows hemp and CBD products to be legal in the U.S. Laws are changing every month in jurisdictions around the world. This is a cannabis revolution and the market opportunity is tremendous. We may never see an opportunity like this again in our lifetimes.

CFN: What is the opportunity that cannabis represents in the global wellness market?

PG: The global wellness market is worth about $4.2 trillion. The cannabis industry, however you measure it, is growing extremely fast. Some say it will be larger than tobacco. But it’s difficult to estimate the impact it will have on the international wellness industry, as the cannabis industry is so new, and research and development is really still in its infancy, so we’re at the very beginning of this exciting industry.

CFN: What are the six wholly owned subsidiaries under the Yield Growth banner?

PG: Urban Juve: our flagship brand; it has hemp root oil products which are available at;

UJ Topicals: which is cannabis derived CBD and THC products, and the brand Wright and Well, with nine products launching in Oregon;

UJ beverages: which has a line of CBD beverages that it’s planning to launch;

Yield Botanicals: which has extraction technology, and we’re building our own, proprietary extraction system, to get the highest quality hemp root oil and CBD from hemp, using techniques that better preserve the therapeutic qualities in the oils we’re producing;

Mad Wallaby Distribution: which focuses on hemp derived CBD products which are legal in the U.S.;

Thrive Activations: which is a service company providing incubations services to emerging companies.

CFN: Why do you think the company is “positioned to grow to the world’s largest topicals company”?

PG: We have all the pieces to make this happen. We have the assets and the infrastructure, and we have the team that has achieved multibillion dollar successes in the past. Our director Tom Bond was COO of MAC cosmetics for about six years before it was bought by Estée Lauder; he was also CFO. The chairmen of our advisory board was the chairman of Johnson & Johnson, our VP licensing and general council was in-house at Aritzia and Sketchers, both multimillion dollar companies. Many people within our team come from the world’s leading organisations. We have the experience, the network and the talent to build the world’s largest topicals company.

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CFN: What do you think are some of the challenges facing Yield Growth?

PG: I think our biggest challenge is communicating our plan as a new company, and to become known to retail investors, brokers, and to funds. We’re at the beginning of our growth cycle, and we have a low valuation compared to the leading cannabis companies, so we have to be smarter and more effective with our capital. But we also offer opportunities to investors to buy our stock while we are new.

CFN: What are the company’s milestones or goals in the year ahead?

PG: We want to have 1,000 retail outlets as part of our North American retail distribution. We have already 3 in-house brands but we want another 7 for a total of 10 for distribution. And we want to launch in e-commerce and popup shops in Asia, Europe and North America within the next year. We’d also want to have our extraction facility producing organic CBD from hemp with reliable supply, which we’re lining up with hemp farmers. We would also like to obtain licences for manufacturing cannabis to allow us to extract CBD and THC, and make cannabis products in major territories such as California and Nevada.

CFN: What set of companies are ultimately going to be the winners in the cannabis space and why do you believe Yield Growth will be one of them?

PG: I think there are going to be many winners in this space.

I believe Yield Growth has the highest quality luxury cannabis products in the world, and we have the infrastructure and team to be the world leaders in this space of cannabis topicals.

A Company to Watch

Yield Growth has set the foundations to be a key player in the cannabis sector of the health and wellness industry. Between their strong and diverse team of directors, intelligent business strategy, and promising distribution network, they have positioned themselves to be leaders in this crossover market. For those looking to invest, Yield Growth is an exciting business to consider as the future looks bright for this innovative company.

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